Nerve Cell Protection by Estrogen: Molecular Mechanisms

  • Christian Behl


In recent years many experimental studies have focussed on estrogen’s ability to prevent nerve cell death, which is the hallmark of progressive neurodegenerative disorders. These preclinical data strongly support the clinical data showing beneficial effects of estrogen for instance in AD prevention. The exact molecular and the cellular mechanisms of neuroprotection by estrogens need to be understood in order to optimize the protective effect of estrogen or of estrogen-derivatives. The answer to the question what are the mechanisms, what are the genes that mediate estrogen’s neuroprotective effect against pathogenetic processes, will identify novel targets of pharmaceutical intervention. Next the currently discussed mechanisms that may mediate estrogen’s direct protective effect in neuronal systems are presented and discussed.


PC12 Cell Neuronal Cell Nerve Cell Nerve Cell Death HT22 Cell 
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