Protection of the brain by estrogen

  • Christian Behl


At various sites of the book so far links have been given to neurodegeneration and neuroprotection. In the following chapters two main questions are addressed. Firstly, does estrogen protect the brain? Secondly, how is the protection mediated and can we learn something for the development of future therapeutics? The main summary of the last chapters is that estrogen, the steroid, the sex hormone, has so many activities via so many mechanisms. By asking for protection through estrogen one refers to estrogen almost as to a certain drug rather than to a physiological modulator of the body’s homeostasis. Can estrogen protect neurons against life-threatening challenges? Should estrogen be applied for prevention, for treatment of disease and if, when should this be done? Can estrogen be used just like an immunization against a viral infection to protect against disorders that are known to be associated with an estrogen-deficit?


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