Preoperative Planning and Prosthetic Selection

  • S. David Stulberg


As is true for all surgical procedures, a careful and complete preoperative preparation is essential to the ultimate success of a total knee replacement. Most orthopaedic surgeons are aware of this fact and have at least a vague idea of what they must do to prepare for an upcoming total knee procedure. However, if the total knee procedure is to be successfully and safely carried out, preoperative preparation must also be carried out by the patient and his or her family and by the hospital at which the procedure is to be performed The surgeon is responsible for initiating and guiding this preparation by the patient and the hospital. The surgeon must recognize and acknowledge the importance of this preparation and should be prepared to assure that the patient and hospital are as ready for the upcoming total knee arthroplasty as he or she is. In this chapter, I will discuss the preparation that the surgeon, patient and hospital should carry out prior to the performance of a primary or revision total knee arthroplasty


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