Flavonoids of Astereae

  • Bruce A. Bohm
  • Tod F. Stuessy


Grau (1977) considers that Astereae consist of 135 genera with about 2500 species, Bremer (1994) lists about 170 genera and nearly 3000 species, and Nesom (1994a) gives “at least” 189 genera and about 3020 species. The main centers of distribution are the Americas and southern Africa (Grau, 1977). Recent ITS sequence data suggest that the North American taxa are monophyletic (Noyes and Rieseberg, 1999). We have flavonoid information for 48 genera. Although this sampling is not particularly extensive, the amount of attention paid to several genera is such that we have, nonetheless, a considerable amount of information with which to deal. Information on species numbers and geographic locations are from Bremer (1994), unless otherwise noted.


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