Flavonoids of Anthemideae

  • Bruce A. Bohm
  • Tod F. Stuessy


According to Heywood and Humphries (1977), Anthemideae consist of 101 genera with about 1400 species. Bremer and Humphries (1993) see the tribe as comprising 109 genera with 1741 species. Bremer (1994; followed by Arriagada and Miller, 1997) lists 109 genera and 1740 species. We have found flavonoid information for members of 44 genera. By far the largest amount of information available involves Artemisia, which is not surprising since it is the largest genus in the tribe with 388 species (Bremer and Humphries, 1993). Species numbers and areas of distribution cited below are those of Bremer and Humphries (1993) unless otherwise indicated.


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