Biosynthesis of Flavonoids

  • Bruce A. Bohm
  • Tod F. Stuessy


In this chapter we will present a brief overview of flavonoid biosynthesis, along with comments on genetic control of the various steps. Our goal is to demonstrate that the very considerable amount of information that has ac­cumulated on the formation and control of flavonoids in a variety of plant species applies equally well to the pathway in Asteraceae. To this end, we will place particular emphasis on studies done with members of the family. Excellent summary accounts of flavonoid biosynthesis can be found in members of The Flavonoids series: Hahlbrock and Grisebach (1975), Ebel and Hahlbrock (1982), and Heller and Forkmann (1988, 1994). Other re­cent sources include Harborne (1988), Stafford (1990), and Bohm (1998b). Flavonoid genetics has been well reviewed by Gerats et al. (1989), Martin and Gerats (1993), and Forkmann (1994), among others.


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