Flavonoids at the Specific Level

  • Bruce A. Bohm
  • Tod F. Stuessy


In this chapter we present summaries of the application of flavonoid chemistry to relationships among species within various genera. Some of the situations to be discussed involve extensively studied and well known genera, e.g., Achillea, Artemisia, Bidens, Coreopsis, Dahlia, and Parthenium. Other examples involve much smaller groups of species as well as genera that have not attracted the same level of attention. Although there may be taxonomic difficulties among some of the genera dealt with (see Chapter 21), our intent in this chapter is to look at the way in which flavonoid data have been utilized in sorting out relationships among species. In this regard, we will be dealing with sectional or sometimes less formal groupings of species. Insofar as the amount of information available for some of these genera is very large, we have selected examples that serve to exemplify the usefulness of flavonoids. Detailed comments on all situations where flavonoids have been employed would be unwieldy and highly repetitive.


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