Flavonoids at the Generic Level

  • Bruce A. Bohm
  • Tod F. Stuessy


In this chapter we present examples of the application of flavonoid distri­bution patterns to studying relationships among genera that are, or have been, the topic of debate in the literature. One of the guides used for select­ing examples to discuss in this context has been the taxonomic treatments of the various tribes presented by Bremer and his colleagues (Bremer, 1994). The submergence of some genera into others according to their views will be examined in terms of whether flavonoid profiles agree or disagree with such treatments. Similarly, the breaking up of larger genera into smaller groups offers other opportunities to apply flavonoid chemical data. With regard to this latter point, and specifically to the removal of some species of Artemisia to Seriphidium, flavonoid data are not necessarily useful. In this chapter we will not usually concern ourselves with the patterns of flavonoid variation among species. Some of these problems will be discussed in Chap­ter 22.


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