Flavonoids of Tageteae

  • Bruce A. Bohm
  • Tod F. Stuessy


Although Karis and Ryding (1994a) treat genera representing Tageteae as subtribe Pectidinae of resurrected tribe Helenieae (here treated within Heliantheae s.l., Chapter 11), we prefer to list it in this book as a distinct tribe following Strother (1977). Robinson (1981) elected to include these closely related genera as subtribe Pectidinae of tribe Heliantheae, including much of the former tribe Helenieae. However tribally positioned, Tageteae consist of 230–250 species distributed among 23 genera (Karis and Ryding, 1994a). Examination of the literature shows that the tribe has been poorly sampled for flavonoids. Not surprisingly, most interest in the flavonoids has been paid to Tagetes, which contains the cultivated marigolds. We present available flavonoid data after generic limits sketched by Strother (1986).


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