Flavonoids of Senecioneae

  • Bruce A. Bohm
  • Tod F. Stuessy


Nordenstam (1977) listed 100 genera in his systematic review of Senecioneae, but Bremer’s (1994) recent synthesis suggests 120. Even more recently, Nordenstam (1996) lists 123. The reason for the generic increase in the tribe stems mainly from segregates being pulled out of Senecio in a fashion similar to what has happened to Vernonia. The most active workers in this regard have been C. Jeffrey, B. Nordenstam, and H. Robinson. Once more, we follow these changes in this book so that the flavonoid data are available in the context of the most recent overview by Bremer (1994). The flavonoid literature includes references to several genera originally consid­ered members of Senecioneae but now removed to Heliantheae, viz. Amauria, Arnica, Eriophyllum, Flaveria, Hulsea, Pericome, Perityle, and Psathyrotes. Of the genera remaining in Senecioneae we have some fla­vonoid information on 21.


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