Flavonoids of Mutisieae and Barnadesioideae

  • Bruce A. Bohm
  • Tod F. Stuessy


According to Cabrera (1977) Mutisieae, a largely South American tribe, comprise 89 genera with ca. 974 species. Bremer (1994) sees the tribe as comprising 76 genera with ca. 970 species, but he excludes the Barnadesiagroup of genera. Mutisieae as presented by Cabrera (1977) were apportioned into four subtribes: Barnadesiinae, Gochnatiinae, Nassauviinae, and Mutisiinae. A recent major event disturbed this state of affairs. The finding of a 22kb inversion in the cpDNA genome of all tested members of Asteraceae, other than members of Barnadesiinae (Jansen and Palmer, 1987b, 1988), resulted in establishment of a new subfamily, Barnadesioideae, with Barnadesieae as its sole tribe (Bremer and Jansen, 1992). Although we accept this new treatment as reasonable (see Chapter 2), for convenience we present the flavonoid chemistry of Barnadesioideae in this chapter. Bremer (1994) now recognizes only two subtribes in Mutisieae: Mutisiinae (including Gochnatiinae) and Nassauviinae. We have information for members of 22 genera of Mutisieae and seven genera of Barnadesioideae. Numbers of species and distributional ranges come from Bremer (1994) unless stated otherwise.


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