Flavonoids of Lactuceae

  • Bruce A. Bohm
  • Tod F. Stuessy


Bremer (1994) recognizes 98 genera and some 1550 species in his view of Lactuceae. Tomb (1977) listed only 70 genera but estimated the tribe as comprising about 2300 species. Our knowledge of the flavonoid chemistry of the tribe is based upon reports for 39 genera. Sampling is again a prob­lem, with many of these genera being represented in our database by a single species. Somewhat more information is available for Hieracium, Lactuca and Sonchus which is not surprising in view of the size of these genera. However, some of the larger genera, Crepis, Taraxacum and Scorzonera for example, have been very poorly sampled. These shortcom­ings are somewhat compensated for by the comparative simplicity of the flavonoid profile of the tribe. Details of flavonoid reports follow. Sizes of genera and distributional data are from Bremer (1994) unless otherwise noted.


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