Flavonoids of Inuleae s.l.

  • Bruce A. Bohm
  • Tod F. Stuessy


According to the systematic review of Inuleae by Merxmüller et al. (1977), we are dealing with about 180 genera with some 2100 species. A quite different view of the tribe is held by Anderberg (1989, 1991a,b,c, 1994, 1996) who sees Inuleae sensu stricto as comprising 38 genera and about 480 species. He places the remaining genera in either Plucheeae (28 genera; 220 species) or Gnaphalieae (180 genera; 2000 species). The presentation of flavonoid data below follows the traditional view of Inuleae (as in Arriagada, 1998, who recognizes 245 genera and ca. 2600 species), but each genus is identified with a letter that designates the tribal placement according to Anderberg (1994): I = Inuleae, G = Gnaphalieae, and P = Plucheeae. In Chapter 19 we discuss whether flavonoid data offer support for recognition of one or several tribes. Flavonoid data have been reported for 43 genera. Ranges of occurrence and numbers of species are those given in Anderberg (1994) unless otherwise noted. Generic concepts follow those presented in Anderberg (1991a,b,c, 1994).


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