Endovascular interventional principles

  • H. Brückmann
  • H.-J. Steiger


The publication of the large series of Orake, Parkinson, Pertuiset and others in the late 70s and early 80s made it clear that despite the introduction of microsurgery, morbidity and mortality associated with surgical excision of cerebral AVMs was still unacceptably high with approximately 15% each [13,37,39]. Endovascular embolization appeared to be a natural way to reduce flow and render it more amenable to subsequent surgical excision. In the United States Luessenhop pursued this principle already in the 1960s and early 70s [28, 29]. At that time a number of embolic materials were used such as small pieces of muscle, silastic sponge and others, and these materials were passed through standard size transfemoral angiography catheters. Embolization was not only considered as an adjuvant method prior to subsequent surgery, but embolization was soon also thought to be helpful in the management of inoperable cerebral AVMs.


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