Surgical Principles

  • H.-J. Steiger


Although already known sinee the deseription of Virehow in 1863 [120], arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) have become an objeet of surgical medicine with the reports of Dandy [19] and Cushing & Bailey [18] who deseribed the first eases of surgical eure in 1928. However, at that time the surgical results were usually terrible and Cushing stated: “The surgical history shows not only the futility of an operative attack upon one of these angiomas, but the extreme risk of cortical damage .... The lesions when accidentally exposed by the surgeon, had better be left alone.” Later, after the introduction of angiography, Olivecrona and associates developed the surgical principles for AVMs [79, 80]. Olivecrona & Riives were also the first to focus on the justification of surgery for AVMs [80]. The impression suggested primarily that the results of surgery were worse than the natural history.


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