Epilogue (with Prof. Heinz Schulze)

  • Igor Klatzo
Part of the Acta Neurochirurgica Supplements book series (NEUROCHIRURGICA, volume 80)


Death claimed Oskar Vogt on July 31, 1959, about ten months after my seeing him for the last time in Neustadt, September, 1958. Although his deteriorating condition had become quite apparent, Oskar had tried to hide his pain and discomfort by insisting on secluded privacy, allegedly to concentrate on scientific problems (*H.S.). At the beginning of July, however, he finally consented to a simple physical examination by Dr. Heinz Schulze, who could feel a hard, egg-sized mass in his abdomen. Telling Oskar immediately about this finding, Schulze got the impression that the latter must have been aware of its presence for some time, and of its meaning with regard to the possibility of malignancy. Stressing his limited clinical expertise, H.S. suggested a thorough examination at one of the University Clinics in Freiburg. Oskar grudgingly consented, and after a few days he was admitted to the surgical clinic of Freiburg University. He died there within a few weeks, after exploration revealed an inoperable cancer.


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