Meeting of Minds and Hearts in Paris

  • Igor Klatzo
Part of the Acta Neurochirurgica Supplements book series (NEUROCHIRURGICA, volume 80)


Paris around the fin du siècle represented from many points the peak of European civilization. The city itself, with its redesigned boulevards, and magnificent buildings and bridges provided an intoxicating feast for the eye, whereas the elegance of its shops and restaurants, serving the elegant clientele, as well as the sophistication of its theatrical arts and night life, could satisfy the most refined tastes. In the arts, Paris became a pulsating heart for new exciting trends and art forms, such as impressionism, drawing artistic talent like a magnet from everywhere. A similar upswing was discernible in the medical sciences, particularly in the field of neurology, where Charcot, Babinski, Pierre Marie, Déjérine and others were pontificating like high priests at the study and recognition of various neurological conditions and disorders. The bedazzling offerings of Paris did not intimidate Vogt, however, who after arriving there at the end of January of 1897 [33], found for himself a niche in the laboratory of Déjérine at the Salpêtriére to pursue his interests in brain structure, and in the therapeutic application of hypnosis. In spite of a smoldering friction between Pierre Marie and Déjérine, the scientific contact between their laboratories was, nonetheless, maintained, and led eventually to Cécile’s meeting Oskar in 1898. Meanwhile, in Déjérine’s laboratory, Oskar tried to master the superb technics for the anatomical study of the brain, which were in use at that time in the leading neurological centers of Paris, such as he was visiting.


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