So-called Naturalism

  • Jürgen Weber


Now if it is really true that our perceptual memory, long or short-term, unsupported by a visual confrontation with the imagined object, is based only on more complex or less complex geometric forms, we are immediately faced with the question: is our visual perception also geometrically simplified? In the case of spontaneous visual perception, not called in question by precise visual study, my experience as a teacher says: yes. But, some people will say, we perceive naturalistically, exactly as things are. After all, there was naturalistic art in antiquity, in the Renaissance and at other times. Very well, let us compare so-called naturalistic art — made by human beings, not the result of a photograph or a cast from nature, which despite the natural model is based on the reproduction memory and the short-term memory necessary for modelling the form — with corresponding natural photographs.


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