The Metamorphosis of Geometry in Egyptian Art

  • Jürgen Weber


Human and animal form schemata, idols, are given life initially by the basic processes, not by specific movements on the part of the humans and animals. If we want to know what our visual memory can do and how and what we perceive visually, if we want to see these things objectively, then we have no choice but to concern ourselves with art. This is because the products of art show us what we remember and also how reality changes in our perception. Of course, it is true that only a few people can reproduce, depict or interpret reality, but it is just as certain that until a few decades ago the non-creative could also identify with these products of art. Indeed, as a rule, unless it was pointed out to them, they saw scarcely any difference between the real world around them and its artistic re-creation. Otherwise, for instance, it would not have been regarded up to the Renaissance, up to Vasari, as the highest aim of art to imitate reality.


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