Navigated Brain Surgery — an Introduction

  • Wolfgang Seeger
  • Josef Zentner


Contemporary neurosurgery has benefited from the dramatic advances of neuroimaging during the last decades. However, the limited ability of intraopera-tive orientation on the cerebral surface due to the lack of visible anatomical landmarks remains an essential problem. Image guidance is defined as any method that uses imaging technology to enhance the successful performance of brain surgery. Image-guided surgical procedures date back to the time of Roentgen’s adaptation of X-ray technology (Muacevic et al., 1999). Their importance was reinforced in the 1970s with the development of computed tomography and frame-based stereotaxy (Lee et al., 1999; Wong et al., 2001). In 1986 Roberts presented the first surgical microscope with an integrated frameless stereotactic positioning system (Roberts et al., 1986).


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