In vivo — Investigations on ALA-induced Porphyrins/FDAP

  • Clemens Fritsch
  • Thomas Ruzicka


Up to now studies on porphyrin biosynthesis in human skin are scarce (Bickers et al, 1977; Goerz et al, 1995; Navone et al, 1988). Examinations were predominantly done to study the pathomechanism of porphyria diseases, but recently porphyrin studies have been increasingly used to measure the effect of PDT with ALA-induced porphyrins. The main questions are, why tumor cells display increased uptake of ALA and why tumors predominantly transform ALA into porphyrins, accumulate them and do not metabolize porphyrins to heme.


Normal Skin Solar Keratose Porphyrin Accumulation Porphyrin Fluorescence Normal Skin 
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  • Clemens Fritsch
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  • Thomas Ruzicka
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  1. 1.Privatpraxis für Dermatologie, Allergologie and VenerologieDüsseldorfGermany
  2. 2.HautklinikUniversität DüsseldorfGermany

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