Differentiable Manifolds

  • E. Hlawka
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Part of the Acta Physica Austriaca book series (FEWBODY, volume 7/1970)


Let M be a set. An n-dimensional chart c on M is a pair (U,ϕ) , where U is a subset of M and ϕ a bijective mapping of U onto an open set of Rn . U is called the domain of c,ϕ the coordinate mapping of c. For each pεU we can write (see Fig. 1)
$${\rm{f(p)}}\,{\rm{ = }}\,{\rm{(}}{{\rm{f}}_{{\rm{1}}\,}}{\rm{(p)}}\,{\rm{,}}...{\rm{,}}{{\rm{f}}_{\rm{n}}}\,{\rm{(p)}}\,{\rm{)}}\,{\rm{ = }}\,{\rm{(}}{{\rm{x}}_{\rm{1}}}\,{\rm{,}}...{\rm{,}}{{\rm{x}}_{\rm{n}}})$$
We call (x1,...,xn) the local coordinates of p in the chart (U,ϕ). The notation can be made more explicit by writing x1,...,xn in the form
or, in short, x(p)


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