Absorption Corrections and Cuts in the Regge Pole Model

  • G. E. Hite
Conference paper
Part of the Acta Physica Austriaca book series (FEWBODY, volume 7/1970)


The concept of absorptive corrections to amplitudes and the possible existence of cuts in the complex angular momentum plane have been known to particle physicists since 1962. They have been reintroduced to allow the Regge pole model to describe features of experimental data that the simple pole model could not explain. For example, the narrow (∆t ~ µ2=m π 2 ) forward peaks seen in reactions like pn → np , γN → π±N , and π+p→ ρ°++ which are apparently dominated by π-exchange, cannot be explained by a simple Reggeized pion. For a time, explanations of these reactions were attempted using several Regge poles, both conspiring and evasive (simple). Realizing that a simple Reggeized pion is essentially, for small values of t, the same as an elementary pion,and remembering the success of the one-pion-exchange-model with absorption corrections in describing resonance production in mesonbaryon scattering, people soon started to consider absorptive corrections to simple Regge pion exchange to explain such reactions.


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