Mass Operator in the SU(3)-Symmetric Strong Coupling Theory With Pseudoscalar Mesons

  • J. Tolar
Conference paper
Part of the Acta Physica Austriaca book series (FEWBODY, volume 7/1970)


The strong coupling approximation scheme has been used in the quantum field theory almost only for the meson field interacting with a static fermion source. The first works in this direction considered the ΠN system [1]. At the end of the 4O’s the interest decreased, but later the excited isobaric states of the nucleon predicted by the strong coupling theory were found experimentally as nuc- leon resonances. New interest arose after the discovery of the SU(3) symmetry of strongly interacting particles [2] with the aim to connect the properties of different SU(3)-multiplejbs by a dynamical theory.


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  1. 1.Institut für Theoretische PhysikUniversität MarburgDeutschland

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