The Classification of Brain Tumours

  • K. J. Zülch
Part of the Acta Neurochirurgica / Supplementum book series (NEUROCHIRURGICA, volume 10)


Before introducing the first speaker may I say a few words of introduction to our subject. I stressed at the beginning that I hoped our discussion would not remain academic but would achieve a practical importance. Of course academic discussion is interesting, inspiring and also important. But those who have worked in close collaboration with neurosurgeons or are actually themselves clinicians feel constantly the need to make their results of value at the bedside. Of what value is the best and most enlightened classification if it has no biological significance, that is if it is not helpful to the clinician in his daily treatment of patients with tumours? We must therefore also take into account the view point of the neurosurgeon at the bedside and I believe this was the special value of the Bailey-Cushing work, that it was formed by the fusion of work carried out in collaboration by the laboratory and the clinic. This approach should and must also underline our own efforts: The survival period for successfully operated patients is the final test as to the correctness of our classification. And it is by this criterion that our classification should be orientated. A purely morphological classification may be absolutely correct from the theoretical angle but if it has no biological significance i. e. if it does not throw light on the prognosis it is for us of little value.


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