Properties of a recombinant yeast-derived hepatitis B surface antigen containing S, preS2 and preSl antigenic domains

  • J. Petre
  • T. Rutgers
  • P. Hauser
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Yeast cells have been engineered to express mixed HBsAg particles containing the S and a modified large (L*) protein. Their construc¬tion resulted in reduced protease sensitivity, reduced glycosylation and complete inactivation of the polymerized human albumin binding site. The particles exposed the S, preSl and preS2 antigenic determinants and induced an immune response against the three domains. Highly purified preparations have been obtained and are presently being tested in human volunteers.


Antigenic Domain Chronic Hepatitis Type HBsAg Particle preS Domain preS2 Response 
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  • T. Rutgers
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  • P. Hauser
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