Golgi Apparatus (GA)

  • A. Frey-Wyssling
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The Golgi apparatus consists of a stack of flat wafer-like cisternae and a system of spherical vesicles of different sizes given off by the rim of the cisternae. The stack is called a “dictyosome”, this Greek word means a “network”. The term was chosen for the structure of coagulated Golgi bodies seen in the light microscope (Golgi 1882/1885). However, in the electron microscope the cisternae appear not reticulate as a whole, only their peripheral region may be fenestrated (Morré et al. 1971), especially when they are highly active. In general their shape is more like that of a saucer than of a net. From the rim of the saucer vesicles are beaded off and tubules may be generated (Plate IV, Fig. L).


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