Possible Location of Phospholipids and Structural Protein in Mitochondrial Membranes

  • R. Rendi
  • A. E. Vatter
Conference paper


Mitochondrial membranes of specimens prepared for electron microscopy appear similar to other unit membranes that are about 70 Å thick, with two outer opaque lines of approximately 20 Å sandwiching a more lucid internal zone of approximately 30 Å. From the work of Robertson (1960) and Stoeckenius (1962) the opaque lines are assumed to represent the hydrophylic portion of the phospholipids and the protein, while the lighter line represents the hydrophobic portion of the lipids.


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  • R. Rendi
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  • A. E. Vatter
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  1. 1.The Departments of Pathology and BiochemistryUniversity of Colorado Medical SchoolDenverUSA

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