The Energy of Polonium Alpha Particles as Determined by Different Methods

  • Cornelius P. Browne
Conference paper


This paper discusses the best value for the particles emitted by 210Po to be used as a standard for the measurement of nuclear reaction energies. A new value for this energy was proposed1 at The First International Conference on Nuclidic Masses in 1960. Fig. 1 shows the situation at that time. The results of a number of determinations, made by several methods, are shown. Most values are labeled with the energy standard used, i. e., 214Po, Li7(p, n)Be7 threshold, or absolute. The determination labeled “present work” was a comparison2 with the Li7(P, n) threshold made by four different methods. The figure shows that the later value was considerably higher than any of the older determinations and was, in fact, 10 keV above the then accepted value. It will be shown below that the work in various laboratories since 1960 has greatly reduced these discrepancies.


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