Nuclidic Masses and Structure of Nuclei

  • V. A. Kravtsov
Conference paper


Nuclidic masses are a very important characteristic of nuclei. The binding energies of nuclei calculated from nuclidic masses enable us to form an idea of the structure of nuclei and they provide us with valuable information for verifying nuclear models. Thanks to the efforts of L. König, F. Mattauch, and A. Wapstra 1 we have now excellent complete tables of nuclidic masses and of binding energies of nuclei based on the most recent data. We have used the most recent measurements of Demirkhanov, Dorokhov, and Dzkouya 2,3 in order to complete these tables in a region where these data were the least precise, namely for nuclides ranging from strontium to ruthenium and for nuclides of tin and antimony.


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  • V. A. Kravtsov
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  1. 1.Leningrad Polytechnical Institute of M. I. KalininLeningradUSSR

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