Metallurgical Microspectroscopy

  • Hamed M. El-Badry
Part of the Monographien aus dem Gebiete der qualitativen Mikroanalyse book series (MIKROANANALYSE, volume 3)


For the identification of microconstituents of metallurgical materials, the sample to be analyzed is often a very small part of the area of the specimen. Several microspectrographic methods have been devised for the analysis of metallic surface areas of very small dimensions (17, 18, 19, 40, 125, 171, 201, 227). One of these methods, the spark technique first described by Scheibe and Martin (201) and involving the use of a microspark source which discharged through a fine quartz capillary onto the area to be analyzed, was later modified by others (40, 171). It has been reported capable of identifying metallic surface areas which may be as small as 20 to 50 μm in diameter.


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