The Action of Salts, Acids and Bases

  • L. V. Heilbrunn
Part of the Protoplasmatologia book series (PROTOPLASMATOL., volume 2 / C / 1)


The study of the action of chemical substances on the viscosity of protoplasm is beset with serious difficulties. In the first place, there is always a question as to whether a substance enters into the interior of a cell, and if it does enter, how rapidly it does so. Then too, in so far as the interior protoplasm is concerned, there is the uncertainty as to whether the effects produced there may not be due to some indirect action. For just as temperature changes or irradiation can release the very potent calcium ion from the cortex of the cell, so too it can clearly be shown that many chemical agents have a similar action. In these cases, it is hard to distinguish effects due to calcium released from the cortex and effects due to the substance to which the cell as a whole is exposed. This difficulty was not sufficiently realized in the early work on protoplasmic viscosity, and some of this work needs to be re-evaluated in terms of our present knowledge.


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