Absolute Viscosity

  • L. V. Heilbrunn
Part of the Protoplasmatologia book series (PROTOPLASMATOL., volume 2 / C / 1)


At the present time our information concerning protoplasmic viscosity is rather fragmentary. Only certain types of cells can be used for quantitative measurements. So, for example, if a cell has a very dense suspension of granules these can not be moved by centrifugal force. However, in such cases it should be possible to follow the movement of the nucleus through the cell. Most of the knowledge we now have concerns isolated cells— protozoa, egg cells, etc. Cells that are organized in tissues are more difficult to study. And yet, there are ways of separating tissues into their individual cells, and it is also possible to centrifuge whole organs or organisms and section them later, so that in the future we should have data concerning the viscosity of the protoplasm of cells from the liver, spleen and other organs.


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