Cyanide and Azide

  • L. V. Heilbrunn
Part of the Protoplasmatologia book series (PROTOPLASMATOL., volume 2 / C / 1)


Both Cyanide and azide have a powerful effect in blocking the cytochrome oxidase system in living cells, and it has always been assumed that the relation of vital processes to these substances is entirely due to their action on one of the chief oxidation systems of protoplasm. It is of interest therefore to inquire as to whether or not cyanide and azide have an effect on the viscosity of protoplasm. For in the living colloid, the ever-present oxidative reactions must in some way or another be related to changes in the colloidal state. Indeed one of the major problems the cell physiologist has to face is the question as to how the metabolism of the cell is related to its physical activity. For example we very much need to know why it is that when a muscle is thrown into activity and made to contract, its oxidative processes increase in intensity.


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