Applications of Electromagnetically Separated Radioactive Isotopes at the Nobel Institute of Physics

Part I
  • Torsten Alväger
Conference paper


The radioactive isotopes prepared with the E. M. isotope separator at the Nobel Institute of Physics [1] have been used in a large variety of investigations. Table 1 gives an idea of the problems which are of current interest and those isotopes which have been separated. They fall mainly into five groups:
  1. A.

    Measurements of short half-lives by use of delayed coincidences,

  2. B.

    Search for very weak transitions, such as double quantum emission,

  3. C.

    Mass determination of products obtained in heavy-ion reactions,

  4. D.

    Nuclear spectroscopy of uranium fission products and

  5. E.

    Low energy β-spectroscopy.



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  1. 1.Nobel Institute of PhysicsStockholmSweden

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