A Parallel Filament Lateral Arc Source Unit

  • J. H. Freeman


In an attempt to overcome the difficulties associated with the Hermes source unit [1] an electron impact source unit with the filament behind and parallel to the extraction slit and parallel to the focusing magnetic field, has been tested. It was hoped that in this arrangement
  1. a)

    the arc could only take up one position in the arc chamber,

  2. b)

    an intense arc close to the extraction slit would be produced,

  3. c)

    the magnetic field due to the filament and the source magnet field would produce a resultant spiral field around the filament and so give a very long electron path.



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    McIlroy, R. W., J. H. Freeman, and K. J. Hill, p. 155. Present volume Recent Modifications to Hermes.Google Scholar

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