Difference Models and Solutions for Discrete Structural Systems

  • Donald L. Dean
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As a simple object problem for dealing with systems in the title category, consider the beam continuous over spring supports (see Fig. 2) whose span properties (excluding loads) are cyclic and symmetric with respect to the midpoint; i.e., in Eq. 5b, Δr (ℓ/B)r = 0, = αr = αr′ = α and βr = β (for a prismatic beam α = 1/3 and β = 1/6). The governing equation, derived via the “three moment” or flexibility approach is
in which the terms are as defined for Eqs. 3 and 5 and γ = 1 + α/β or one plus the reciprocal of the carry over factor. The governing equation derived via the “slope-deflection” or stiffness approach is


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