Time-Invariant Instability Problems

  • W. B. Krätzig
Part of the International Centre for Mechanical Sciences book series (CISM, volume 342)


As elaborated in Chapter 1 and 2, time-invariant responses can be computed successively by utilization of the tangent stiffness relation
$$ {K_T} \cdot \mathop V\limits^ + = P = {F_i} \to \mathop V\limits^ + = K_T^{ - 1} \cdot \left( {P - {F_i}} \right) $$
  • K T the tangent stiffness matrix due to (1.31, 1.32),

  • the increment of the nodal degrees of freedom,

  • P the total applied nodal loads and

  • F i the internal nodal forces due to (1.31, 1.32).


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