Dynamic Stability of Structures

  • V. V. Bolotin
Part of the International Centre for Mechanical Sciences book series (CISM, volume 342)


A survey of the theory of dynamic stability of structures and structural components is presented including both the classical analysis within the framework of nonlinear mechanics and the numerical simulation with the discussion of computational results in terms of the up-to-date approaches to the theory of dynamic systems. Typical problems of dynamic stability of nonlinear structures are considered: parametric resonances in structures and structural components under time periodic excitation; instabilities of structures under essentially non-conservative forces; various instabilities in structure-flow interacting systems (wing flutter, panel flutter, etc.); rotor whirling due to internal damping and related factors, etc. The introductory part of lecturer’s notes concludes with a survey of methods to analyse stability and post-critical behaviour of mechanical (including — continuous) systems. Special attention is paid to the interaction between forced and parametrically excited vibrations in continuous systems; to the postcritical behaviour in combination resonance area; to the influence of damping on the postcritical behaviour in panel flutter, rotor whirling and other problems of stability of elastic systems.


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