Some Applications of Classical Thermodynamics

  • Rastko Stojanović
Part of the International Centre for Mechanical Sciences book series (CISM, volume 27)


During the last ten years a great work has been done on the development of thermodynamics of continua. Our interest here is primarily directed towards the application of thennodynamics in the derivation of the constitutive equations, and we shall restrict our considerations to the classical formulations of the first law and the second law of thermodynamics. The readers interested in the modern contributions up to 1965, may be referred to the book by Truesdell and Noll [468], and for the later work to the papers by e.g. Chen [61], Green and Laws [154], Green and Rivlin [176], Kline and Allen [236], Leigh[265], Truesdell [466, 467], Uhlhorn [470] etc.


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