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Radial head fractures: long-term results of resection

  • F. Postacchini
  • G. B. Morace
Part of the Current Concepts in Orthopaedic Surgery book series (ORTHOP.SURGERY, volume 2)


Resection of the radial head is a common treatment for comminuted or displaced fractures. Despite its wide use it is still very controversial (5, 6); however, only a few authors (2, 3, 7) have analyzed the long-term results. The main controversy regards the proximal shifting of the radius, which is responsible for such severe biomechanical deformation of the proximal and distal radioulnar joints that arthroplasty might be indicated instead of simple resection (1, 4, 8).


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  • F. Postacchini
  • G. B. Morace

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