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Neurovascular complications in the post-traumatic elbow

  • A. Landi
  • O. Soragni
  • G. L. Sacchetti
  • R. Cavana
  • G. Caserta
Part of the Current Concepts in Orthopaedic Surgery book series (ORTHOP.SURGERY, volume 2)


The elbow joint is surrounded by vascular and nervous structures that are vulnerable to direct trauma as well as a consequence of articular and periarticular traumatic syndromes. The density of these structures contributes to the high incidence of iatrogenic lesions, mostly involving the three main nerves (median, ulnar, and radial), caused by application or removal of metal fixation devices.


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  • A. Landi
  • O. Soragni
  • G. L. Sacchetti
  • R. Cavana
  • G. Caserta

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