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Regulating Pressure in Various Forms of Glaucoma with Metipranolol Eye Drops

  • N. Demmler
Conference paper


In the last few years some beta-receptor blocking agents have been introduced with varying success to ophthalmology (Demmler, N., 1980 [2]). Of these I wish to mention bupranolol (Demmler, N., 1980 [3, 4]; Krieglstein, G. K., and associates, 1979 [10]; Stiegler, G., 1979 [14]; Oancea, I., 1979 [12]; Leydhecker, W., Krieglstein, G. K., 1979 [11]) and timolol (Dausch, D., and associates, 1979 [1]; Merté, H. J., Merkle, W., 1980 [17, 18]; Demmler, N., Müller-Bardorff, G., 1980 [7]; Demmler, N., 1982 [8]; Katz, I. M., 1979 [9]) which have been successfully used in numerous patients. Other beta-receptor blocking agents such as propranolol (Phillips, C. I., and associates, 1967 [13]) have not come up to expectations.


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