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Results of a Long-term Study with Metipranolol

  • W. Kruse
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Since the introduction of pilocarpine in the treatment of glaucoma the topical application of beta-receptor blocking agents to the eye in order to reduce intraocular pressure has been the most radical change in glaucoma therapy. The various, for the patient often unpleasant disadvantages of treatment with miotics — loss of light due to contraction of pupils, myopisation and frequent instillation — no longer apply when beta-receptor blockers are used. During the last 3 months the beta-receptor blocker metipranolol (Betamann®) has been presented in 0.3% and 0.6% solutions as an effective alternative to timolol (Chibro-Timolol®), a beta-receptor blocker which has been widely used for some time. Today we wish to report on a long-term study which — after a pilot study had been conducted in the first 3 months of 1980 — was initiated in the second half of 1980 in our ophthalmological practice and is still being conducted.


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