Summary — First Week

  • H. Pietschmann
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Part of the Acta Physica Austriaca book series (FEWBODY, volume 9/1972)


It is the seventh time that I have to summarize one of the two weeks of the Schladming Winter School. Therefore, you can find essentially all the jokes connected to Physics already published in my previous summaries. Let me thus — instead of the jokes — start with a somewhat nasty remark on the way, some of the lectures were given, and I apologize right away to everybody who should feel offended. Personally, I was unable to trust the full and rich content of some of the lectures, simply because the overhead projector has become such a tyran on the lecturers. Rather than using it as a wonderful aid to facilitate the task of lecturing, some of the lecturers cannot overcome their complexes in front of the overhead projector and what they do is the following: they simply prepare their entire lecture in advance and project a series of transparencies, which are filled with equations and comments, but sometimes even with reminders to the lecturer. In the best case, the lecturer then starts reading off the transparences, sometimes he does not even do this, but he comments on what you are supposed to read yourself.


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