Weak Interactions of Quarks

  • F. Wagner
Conference paper
Part of the Acta Physica Austriaca Supplementum XXIV book series (FEWBODY, volume 24/1982)


Our present believe is that interactions between the fundamental constituents of matter are described by renor-malizable gauge theories. In the present lecture the question will be discussed to what extent weak interactions of quarks can be described by the so-called standard model. The theoretical background has been covered by the preceding lecture of Professor Ecker. Only for leptons the low energy extrapolation of the standard model can be directly confronted to the data (Part 2). Since free quarks cannot be observed, one has to make additional assumptions about their behaviour inside a hadron. Various possibilities are discussed in Part 1. These assumptions can be tested together with the standard model for quarks in semileptonic processes if one assumes the model works for the leptonic part of the interactions (Part 3). For decays involving only quarks (nonleptonic processes) we have much less predictive power as far as the weak interactions are concerned since strong final state interactions play an important role. These problems are discussed in the last Part (4).


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