• W. Lindinger
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  • A. V. Phelps
  • E. C. Zipf
  • Y.-K. Kim
  • J. H. Futrell


Information on plasma densities (total charge carrier densities as well as densities of individual ion species), on plasma temperatures and on the excitation of various plasma components is obtained by a variety of diagnostic methods, involving photon spectroscopy, probe measurements as well as mass spectrometric plasma sampling. The latter usually requires the investigation of ions emerging through orifices in walls confining the plasma. So called hole probes (Lindinger, 1971, 1973: Howorka et al., 1973, 1974; Pahl et al., 1972) have proven to be a well suited tool for both ion and electron sampling from plasmas. Such a device consists (Fig. 9.1-1) of a thin metal plate, covered with a non conducting material (e.g. glass), leaving only an area of ≤ 1 mm2 of the metal exposed to the plasma. Located in the center of this area is an aperture of about 50 pm in diameter, the metal plate being only 10 pm thick at this point. Changing the potential of the metal plate allows the hole probe to be operated as a planar Langmuir probe, and at the same time ions and electrons leaving the plasma via the aperture can be investigated. By means of mass spectrometric analysis of the ions sampled from cylindrical hollow cathode discharges, which were movable with respect to the hole probe, radial density profiles of the various ion types present in the negative glow were monitored (Lindinger, 1973; Howorka et al., 1973, 1974). Valuable diagnostic data on plasmas are obtained, when mass spectrometric ion sampling is combined with existing information on electron impact ionization.


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