Grading of Risk, Angiography and Computerized Tomography

  • Keiji Sano
  • Takao Asano
  • Akira Tamura


Despite the advances in investigation techniques, such as computerized tomography (CT), etc, the management of individual patients with a subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) due to an aneurysm rupture still depends greatly on the assessment of the patient’s clinical condition. Several systems for grading patients with SAH have been proposed. Among them, the Botterell grading system (Botterell et al. 1956),the Nishioka grading system (Nishioka 1966),and the Hunt grading system (Hunt and Hess 1968,Hunt and Kosnik 1974) have been widely used in many neurosurgical centers of the world. Botterell et al. graded their cases as to operative risk from grade 1 to 5.


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