High Grade Osteosarcomas

  • Mario Campanacci


The osteosarcoma is a high-grade malignant tumor composed of mesenchymal cells producing osteoid and immature bone. This osteoblastic differentiation is usually extensive and prominent, but it can be only focal or minimal. Hence, the osteosarcoma should not be confused with a fibrosarcoma (when the tumor is extensively spindle cellular and collageno-genic), a malignant fibrous histiocytoma (when it includes histio-fibroblastic areas with storiform pattern), a chondrosarcoma (when it also produces cartilage), an aneurysmal bone cyst (when it is telangiectatic and containing osteoclast like giant cells), or a Ewing’s sarcoma (when it is composed of small cells). The high-grade osteosarcoma is almost constantly an intramedullary tumor, but in rare cases it may originate at the surface of the bone, or exceptionally develops intracortically. Osteosarcomas may occasionally have skip or more distant skeletal metastases, but exceptionally they can be multifocal in the skeleton from the start.


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