Disturbances of Iron Distribution Diagnosis and Therapy

  • Manfred Wick
  • Paul Lehmann
  • Wulf Pinggera
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Chronic infections, tumors, chronic inflammations and autoimmune diseases “need” iron and withdraw it from hematopoiesis. “Secondary anemias”, “anemias of infection or tumor anemias” or anemias of chronic disease (ACD) are the cause of a hypochromic anemia just as often as true iron deficiency. In addition to chronic inflammatory and neo-plastic processes, they are observed primarily in patients with extensive tissue trauma.They are observed in the presence of chronic inflammatory and neoplastic processes as well as extensive tissue injuries.


Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha Transferrin Receptor Chronic Inflammatory Process Hypochromic Anemia Iron Distribution 
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  • Paul Lehmann
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  • Wulf Pinggera
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